Katherine Mansfield

Katherine Mansfield was born Kathleen Mansfield Beauchamp at 11 (now 25) Tinakori Road, Wellington, New Zealand, on 14 October 1888. She was the third daughter, in a family of four girls and a boy, of Harold Beauchamp, a prosperous Wellington businessman. She was educated in Wellington until she was 14. She was then taken with her two older sisters, to Queens College in London for the next three years of their education.

Katherine Mansfield’s return to New Zealand at the end of 1906 was reluctant and rebellious: she had “fallen in love” with London and was determined to return there. This she achieved after another year and a half. She never returned to New Zealand and during the rest of her short life (she died in France at the age of 34) she battled against illness and turned herself into a short story writer of international importance.

Much of her writing was inspired by her memories of New Zealand. Since her death she has received worldwide acclaim.

Kathering Mansfield

Photo courtesy:
Alexander Turnbull Library