How to Apply

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Applicants must be New Zealand citizens or permanent residents and have lived continuously in New Zealand for three years prior to making application. Temporary absences from New Zealand during that period may be disregarded.
  • Applications are sought from established writers across all genres of creative writing e.g. fiction, poetry, literary non-fiction, children’s fiction and playwriting.
  • There is no requirement that writers should have published a large number of books, provided that the book or books (or plays) they have written to date have made a favourable impact. 
  • The fellowship carries with it an expectation that the successful candidate will be a good ambassador for New Zealand and for New Zealand literature. 
  • The fellowship is not suitable for writers at a very early stage in their writing career, or who have yet to attain public recognition as a writer. 
  • A list of previous fellows accompanies these guidelines.  This will help candidates consider whether they are suitable applicants for the fellowship.
  • The successful applicant will be required to take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance to cover the period of absence from New Zealand.

What will the selection panel consider when awarding the fellowship?

Of paramount consideration will be the literary achievement of the applicant to date, and ability to produce a work of substantial literary quality if awarded the fellowship.  However, it should be noted that this sought-after fellowship carries more benefits and opportunities than a straightforward writing grant.  Where several candidates are thought to be equally suitable, other factors that might be taken into account are:

  • whether the fellowship will further develop the career of an emergent writer whose work has already made a considerable impact
  • whether it will contribute to a new career direction for a senior writer
  • whether it might provide an opportunity for a successful writer who has had little previous opportunity to travel
  • the likely impact that a new environment and cross fertilisation of ideas from a different culture will have on the writer’s work
  • how the writer will further the aims and contribute to the promotion and continuance of the fellowship.

When considering the above, no one factor on its own will be a reason to award the fellowship but one or more of them may contribute to the final decision.

Can I combine the residency with other activities abroad?

The trustees expect that the residency will be the primary reason for travel and that the successful candidate will be committed to undertaking an approved writing project. The candidate may be accompanied by a close companion and/or family and may align the residency with secondary purposes for travel.

What is meant by the term a good ambassador for New Zealand?

All recipients of the fellowship will be required to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and to have the necessary qualities of self-reliance and resourcefulness to cope with a prestigious overseas residency.

Successful candidates will be expected to participate in any associated social activities and be prepared to promote the sponsor and the fellowship at every opportunity.   During their tenure, they will be expected to liaise with contacts and maintain the goodwill of all those involved with the fellowship, especially in Menton.
Successful candidates will be required to ensure that there is a printed acknowledgment in any published work that results from the tenure of the fellowship.

What are the fellow’s responsibilities to the sponsor(s)?

The recipient will be expected to appropriately acknowledge the sponsor(s) support in any dealings with the media.  He or she should also be available for events and promotional photographs in relation to the fellowship or write brief articles or reports, if requested by a sponsor.

When will the decision be announced?

The successful applicant will normally be advised in September or October followed by a public announcement at a later event (normally in November) arranged by the fellowship trust and/or sponsor.

How do I apply?

Applicants should complete the attached official application form and submit it to Creative New Zealand by the closing date, together with a covering letter; a CV of published works and associated literary activities and a written proposal of the work to be undertaken in Menton. Late applications cannot be accepted.

The closing date for the 2015 fellowship is 26 June 2015.

A copy of the application form is available on this website.


The Katherine Mansfield Menton Fellowship 2015
Call for Applications - To be submitted by 26 June 2015

If you wish to be notified by email when the “Call for Applications” is posted, please send your contact details to northern at creativenz dot govt dot nz with Katherine Mansfield Menton Fellowship notification in the subject line.